JahRock'n Productions 

(Jah-rah-kin) - Created in 2001 by Chris Belmont. The name comes from a combination of "Jehovah" and "Rockin'". Chris thought to combine the name of God and the adjective to create JahRock'n. 


Est. in 2005

OUR MISSION: "JahRock’n is committed to providing efficient services, creating quality innovative music, and promoting a positive spiritual focus. A collective of music producers/ vocal producers/ songwriters/ engineers/ and vocalists. We’re passionate about what we do, our sound is BIG, but our work ethic is bigger."


OUR Story

JahRock’n Productions LLC is a media company founded by Chris "Rock" Belmont. Belmont started his professional music career in 1996 as a member of Blessed Hope, a Christian/Gospel vocal group that earned the honor of being the first Christian/Gospel group to perform on BET’s 106 and Park. In 2003, Belmont transitioned to a full-time career in music production, eventually forming JahRock'n Productions in 2005. Since then, JahRock'n Productions has grown into a multifaceted media company, providing studio recording, mixing, and mastering services; music production services; and artist development services.

JahRock'n is now a collective of artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers dedicated to creating and supporting positive and progressive music for everyone to experience. JahRock’n has earned production credits on numerous albums, most notably in the Urban Gospel/Christian Hip-Hop sector. Some of these credits include: Andy Mineo's "In My City 2011Paganini 2014" Heesun Lee’s debut album "Re:Defined - 2008" and mixtapes "The LOST LP - 2010" & "I'm A Christian - 2011;" and DJ-Wade-O's "Wade-O Radio Weekly Podcast - 2011- Present."

JahRock'n Productions has recently inked a deal to co-establish In My City Records, where JahRock'n shares ownership stakes with the God Belongs in my City Movement and In My City Media. This strategic partnership will allow JahRock'n and its partners to sign and distribute quality talent, while still offering quality music production services to the masses.

JahRock’n continues to stay true to its vision by creating and promoting positive, inspirational music for aspiring artists from every corner of the world. Look for more groundbreaking material from JahRock’n Productions in the near future.