Artist Development Meetings


Artist Development Meetings

from 250.00

1 on 1 Artist Development

We offer Artist Development services to clients that would like to grow in their craft. This is a 6 week course that walks you through all the different focal points of being an artist. 

Group Artist Development Meetings

Group Artist Development Meetings are created to help the artists get the tools and education they need to be successful in an ever changing music industry. We conduct these meetings with 3 or more artists in a group setting. 

The meetings will be conducted over a 3 week period. Then we will schedule 1, one-on-one session after the 3 meetings are complete. This helps us understand where you are at and how the information and resources are helping your career.

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Program Instructor: Chris Belmont


  • Understanding your talent
  • Knowing your abilities
  • Competition
  • Areas of focus/concentration

Vocal Coaching

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Pitch and Range
  • Maintenance of your gift

Performance Training

  • Stage Awareness
  • Stage Etiquette
  • Knowing your audience
  • Set Planning
  • Preparations before a performance choreography (if needed)

Media Training

  • Key sentences/words that describe your work (albums, photo shoot, video shoot, etc.)
  • The P’s and Q’s of public relations (mixers, pre-gig interviews, creating key business relationships with other artists and professionals in the business)


  • Learn to carry yourself as an artist
  • The artist etiquette 101 class on walking, talking, sitting, standing, taking pictures, signing autographs, etc.


  • What is your recording style?
  • Preparation before your session (production notes from last session, new lyrics, questions for new session, etc.)