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JahRock’n Recording Studio strives to provide the best in recording quality, service, and expertise for every budget. Our cozy studio environment allows for flexible recording for pretty much all styles of music. We strive to create an environment that promotes creativity, while our staff makes sure your goals are met.

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Our studio is booked by appointment slots. Using a standard $40/ hour rate we discount the studio every 2 hours after slot 1.  The more studio time you book the bigger the discount. 

Below is a description of each slot. Choose the desired slot from the pull-down menu above. These slots can be booked at any day we are open and available. If there is a prior studio session at the desired date, we will contact you to suggest another day. 

Slot A - 2 Hours = $82.40

Slot B - 4 Hours = $123.60

Slot C - 6 Hours = $231.75

Slot D - 8 Hours = $309.00


Vocal Production is offered as an add-on feature for your sessions ($15/hour). This will secure a vocal producer to accompany you in the recording session. The vocal producer's job is to help coach Rappers, Singers, and other vocalists. The vocal producer has the ability to understand a range of musical styles, and how they should be preformed. For a demonstration on how vocal production can help your song, check out the video here.


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