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Mixing and mastering are parts of the recording process that confuse a lot of people. If you're recording an album that you plan to sell, a good mixing and mastering job is a MUST. If you're recording a demo, you might be able to get away without mastering. But, if you want your stuff to stand out, mixing and mastering is the KEY. Here's the difference between the two:


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Mixing is basically tinkering with everything you have recorded to complete your songs. You'll do things like drop in effects, adjust fader, EQ your tracks, and so on. Think of mixing as PUTTING THE PUZZLE TOGETHER . You're putting together the parts of what you have recorded, making sure everything hangs together right, and putting some finishing touches on things. When you're done mixing your songs you should be pleased with the way the song sounds and feel confident that you don't need to add anything musically.


Mastering is adding SPARKLE AND SHINE to your music. In a very basic sense, when you master your album you're making sure that song one doesn't blow out the speakers while song two is barely audible. In other words, you want the LEVELS OF YOUR SONGS to be similar and you want a general sense of COHESIVENESS TO YOUR RECORDING. Does that explanation of mastering sound a little vague? That's because it is. Apart from correcting obvious differences in volume for each song, mastering is an incredibly subjective process. In some ways, when it comes to mastering, you either have the golden touch or you don't. For this reason, although there are programs that will help you master your recording yourself, paying to have it done professionally is a good investment if you plan on releasing your recording.

Edgar "Edy Magic" Lagares - Mix Engineer

A collection of songs mixed by our head mix engineer Edgar "Edy Magic" Lagares. Edy, is one of NY's premiere mix engineers for the urban-contemporary scene. As an alumni of the "Institute of Audio Research" Edy has mixed some amazing records since then. Check out some of the latest/ greatest mixes by our boy Edy Magic!

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