Every artist needs a platform for sucess...

Powered by JahRock'n is an artist and brand management company that exists to help launch the careers of its clients in the music business. 

"Too often artists would come through the studio and record their projects with no clue how to market and promote their music once it was done." says Chris Belmont founder of JahRock'n Productions. 

Powered by is not a record label or record company. Although they provide services like marketing, promotion and distribution of content. Powered by's main purpose is brand development and brand management. Under the Powered by deal, all of JahRockn's services are at the clients disposal. Music Production, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering are all invested into the client in an effort to help build up the catalog of the artist. 

How do artist obtain this type of deal?

Currently we only seek out artist in which we would like to offer this deal too. So please, no submissions required.