Project Installment Plan

Get an entire project done in for a fraction of the costs....

Have you been delaying your project because of the lack of funds? Have you started a project and its taking you years to finish because you have not finish paying for studio time and beats? If this is you, then the Project Installment Plan is for you! 

We created this plan for people that have a project they want to record, but are struggling to get it all done. This deal gives you the flexibility to create space in your budget, at a fixed amount, for all your production/ recording/ mixing needs. 

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Project Options


What you get is:

Music Production - 10 Songs

Recording Hours -  40 Hours

Mixing and Mastering - 10 Songs

What you Pay is: $550/ Month for 12 Months


What you get is:

Music Production - 5 Songs

Recording Hours -  20 Hours

Mixing and Mastering - 5 Songs

What you Pay is: $350/ Month for 12 Months

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Cancellation Policy If you need to cancel a session for any reason, you can do so without penalty 48 hours before your original scheduled session time. Failure to attend your scheduled session will result in a forfeiture of your down payment. Rescheduling Policy To reschedule, contactJahRock’n Productionsat least 48 hours before your scheduled session time. Your down payment will then be automatically applied to your rescheduled session.
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