Grow Smarter not Faster

Balancing internal growth and external success

by Chris Belmont

Coming up on the 10 year anniversary in April, I decided to do some reflecting. I thought it would be great to share some of that reflecting with you. Maybe in an effort to help you as an artist or if you own a company like a record label. 

The Problem

When running the business of JahRock'n, all I could think about was how to reach the next level. Because of this I used to make business decisions based on victories and failures on a daily basis, instead of giving it a chance. What do I mean by a victory? I define a victory as a successful business transaction or a record produced by us that got some notable attention. Then and there is when I usually made changes so that those successes kept happening. But what I've learned over the years is that the reason why success happens isn't because of a small change you make in the moment. It's because keeping things the same over a period of time gets your clients used to a certain standard. It helps them compartmentalize what you can offer them. Just because clients are not running in the door doesn't mean that your business isn't successful. Every business goes through high and low times. Understanding the ebb and flow of your business will help you understand your market.

The Solution

For an artist, I always tell them to

Get your fan base used to who you are. Never miss a moment to communicate your brand. Even if you don't see much response initially.

The long-term imprint on your fan-base and their collective psyche will pay off eventually. But you have to stay consistent. Staying consistent is the biggest reason why we're able to grow as a company. We just continue to build on what we already have and what works. Treat your fan base like family, and they will grow with you. You will turn into the artist they understand as oppose to the artist they spectated. 

In 2014 production sessions were a big hit. We had many artists come in and produce successful albums with this particular service. All around it's an easy turnaround time, because you're sitting in and producing right in front of the artists. It's almost like a "Hibachi" approach to production. This is how the big boys do it and now we found a way to master it!

Who Wins?

So, because of the success of production sessions we are now able to expand what we do a little bit more. And help create an environment that is better for you as artists. As a business it helps us refine and define who we are as a production company while providing a service that has a track record of success with the clients. This is what I call growing smarter and not faster.

By Chris Belmont