10 Years JahRock'n

10 Years JahRock’n

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April 22nd 2015 marked the 10 year anniversary of JahRock’n Productions LLC. It’s sort of weird to look back and see that you spent so much time doing what you love. It’s so fulfilling though.

There are several layers to this. One is, running a business for 10 years and all the pitfalls and victories that you experience along the way. As well as, staying musically relevant as a producer, and the struggles and lessons learned through that journey.

Production Team VS. Recording Studio

For those of you that have known JahRock'n that long, know that we have always been consistent in that we are a production company, that provides several of the services that recording studios provide. As opposed to a recording studio, that provides production services. It has been a journey keeping that mindset true throughout the years.

Early on, in 2005, we went through an identity crisis. We are a production company, but there were times where we put a lot of emphasis into the studio process and the recording process. And that was all we were as a company. It was our identity. Then around 2007, we decided to start putting more emphasis into our production. That worked out well. We also partnered with artists like Missionary Men, HeeSun Lee, and SeDa. We took on artists that were talented and helped develop them into regional and national names within their market. Setting up their careers for the next phase. Then, in 2013 we co-founded a company called In My City Records that is a bonafide record label on the rise. Birthed out the God Belongs In My City movement, In My City Records is a record company that is all about ministry and the missional work of the Gospel.


Below is a list of names of the people who have took the journey with us. Including our interns - because they deserve a shout out and some recognition for being a part of our team!


Chris Thompson

Daniel Gonzalez

Jeremiah De Jesus

Joyce Ku

Junior Garcia

Lloyd Benony

Michelle Postly

Samantha Collazo

Business & Marketing

Diana Jiminez

Nicholas Kockler

Sheeba Joseph (Intern)

Producers & Engineers

Djx Ray

Edgar Lagares (head engineer & producer)

Emmanuel Cruz

Greg Vilfranc

Josh Hawkins

Lloyd Gonzales

Tony Sebro (producer & attorney)


Missionary Men (2003-2007)

Yonas (2005-2007)

Seda (2007-2012)

Heesun lee (2007-Present)

Angie Rose (2012-Present)

The studio has always been an environment where the combination of artist + musician = creative music. We wanted to create an environment to support creativity at its highest. We believe we have that and I'm so proud that we were able to do that.

If you signed up to be on this mailing list you too are a part of our success! Some of you have been on this list for years and some have just recently joined, but all in all, we appreciate all of you guys for riding with us. The fun has just begun! There is much more exciting news to share very soon. (Like what we’re doing with PoweredBy, but more on that later.) Let's make this next 10 years even better than the first! #tenmore