Recording Service

3 Ways to prepare for your Recording Session

Have you ever gone into the studio to record a song, or work on an album, and it just didn't go the way that you wanted it to? It can be frustrating. Right? 

After working with around 250+ artists over the past 10 years, here's a list of tips that we often share with artists during the recording process: 

10 Years JahRock'n

10 Years JahRock'n

April 22nd 2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of this company. It’s sort of weird to look back and see that you spent so much time doing what you love. There are several layers to this. One is, running a business for 10 years and all the pitfalls and victories that you experience along the way. As well as, staying musically relevant as a producer, and the struggles and lessons learned through that journey.